Winter 2024 Rhythm Kids Class 

Music Together Happy Hearts will be offering a Rhythm Kids class as an elective at Open Air’s Purcellville location during the optional 3rd hour.  This class is open to students in Grades K-3 who are already enrolled in the Winter 2024 Base Package of the Open Air Electives program.

Enrollment Fees include Tuition and Supplies.  Please contact Elisabeth for a $40 sibling discount on supplies if you have more than 1 student enrolled in this class.

Class Minimum: 5;  Class Maximum: 10.

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Please select the location of Open Air Electives where you are currently registered for Winter 2024.
Please list anyone who is authorized to pick-up your chid at dismissal.
Please include a name, phone number, and relation to child.
Are there any special concerns we should be aware of (behavior, special needs, custody concerns, etc)?
I understand that physical fitness and sports include a reasonable amount of risk of injury. I indemnify and hold harmless GamePoint Athletics and its employees and volunteers from responsibility in the event of loss, damage, or injury resulting from participation in its camps or classes.
I authorize GamePoint Athletics to seek medical treatment for my child in the event of an emergency where I cannot be reached.
I understand that photos and videos of camps and classes will be used to promote GamePoint Athletics online and in local media. I give my consent for my child’s photos and videos to be used for promotional material.

Music Together Happy Hearts is offering Rhythms Kids® by Music Together® for ages 4 through 8 years old.  This comprehensive, experience-led music program helps children develop their rhythm skills and develop a deeper level of musical understanding, preparing them for formal music instruction.  Students will sing, play djembe drums and other instruments, dance, and engage in creative movement as they journey towards applied music competence.  Students will be introduced to basic music terminology, play musical games, and be given a sense of agency as they work towards learning applied music competence.  Music Together Happy Hearts is licensed by Music Together LLC — www.musictogether.com

The program includes: 

  • Learning drumming patterns through playful animal-themed rhythmic chants
  • Experiencing and improvising with new repertoire using a range of percussion instruments
  • Ensemble and solo singing and drumming
  • Playing dynamic group and partner music and drumming games
  • Engaging in group movement activities and folk dances
  • Creating imaginative movements, improvising patterns, and sharing ideas with the group
  • Learning to take charge and lead others (like a conductor) as well as listen respectfully and follow peers/teacher when it is their turn to lead

Your tuition includes:

  • Weekly 50-minute classes for the duration of the semester.
  • One (1) CD each semester with the songs, rhythm chants, “play-alongs,” tonal and rhythm patterns used in class.
  • Digital Download Code to access the songs via the “Hello Everybody” app
  • Access to online video tutorials and play-alongs


Additional information

Cancellation Policy

Classes at Open Air Electives are fully refundable up to 30 days before classes begin. Once within the 30 day window, a refund can only be offered if a student from the waitlist is able to take the canceled spot. Once classes have begun, all tuition and fees are non-refundable.

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