This registration is for the Fall 2023 Base Package of Open Air Electives at Purcellville Baptist Church, and includes 8 weeks of Art and PE for Grades K-6th, as well as access to community-style field trips on Thursdays/ Fridays!   We will also be featuring optional 3rd Hour classes with an additional cost.  If you are interested in registering for an additional class, the links for these classes will be available to you after registering for the Base Package.

Class Size Minimum: 8 students. Class Size Maximum: 30 students. Please note that both Upper and Early Elementary have 30 available seats, totaling 60 seats for the Fall program. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for this class, please email elisabeth@gamepointathletics.com.



Supplies:  You will need to purchase the following supplies for your student in addition to the registration fee – individual art supply kit, water bottle & closed toe sneakers.

COVID-19 Waiver:  By participating in this program, you will be required to sign a waiver assuming all risk for infectious diseases, including but not limited to COVID-19, Flu, and MRSA.

Field Trips: The field trips on Thursdays/ Fridays are not drop-off experiences, and are not sponsored by any of the businesses holding Open Air classes, including GamePoint Athletics.  Parents will be solely responsible for their own child’s safety and behavior when participating in Field Trips.

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Please list anyone who is authorized to pick-up your chid at dismissal.
Please include a name, phone number, and relation to child.
Are there any special concerns we should be aware of (behavior, special needs, custody concerns, etc)?
I understand that physical fitness and sports include a reasonable amount of risk of injury. I indemnify and hold harmless GamePoint Athletics and its employees and volunteers from responsibility in the event of loss, damage, or injury resulting from participation in its camps or classes.
I authorize GamePoint Athletics to seek medical treatment for my child in the event of an emergency where I cannot be reached.
I understand that photos and videos of camps and classes will be used to promote GamePoint Athletics online and in local media. I give my consent for my child’s photos and videos to be used for promotional material.

Open Air Electives is a primarily outdoor drop-off program for K-6th Grade homeschool students featuring Art, PE, and other elective classes as a package deal offered by local businesses in Loudoun County, VA.

Base Package Information

We are proud to announce that GamePoint Athletics will offer Physical Education and the Loudoun Chapter of Abrakadoodle will offer Art as the Base Package at all locations.  These classes take place during the first two hours, and students will be grouped according to their birthdate into either the Early or Upper Elementary class. A third elective may be added during the last hour for an optional and additional cost.  The base package is priced at $250/student, and includes 8 weeks of classes, all overhead and rental fees associated with running Open Air, as well as access to community-style field trips on Thursdays/ Fridays.

P.E. by GamePoint Athletics

Physical Education offers a variety of enriching activities that focus on teamwork, friendly competition, skill development, and tons of fun!  Children will participate in various types of PE games that involve tag, parachute, relays, and strategic invasion games such as Capture the Jewels.  Throughout the Fall and Spring, children will also participate in sports units including soccer, flag football, wiffle ball, Omni-kin ball, games with paddles, extreme kickball, nerf dodgeball, and more!  Each class, children will learn the value of a specific character trait (such as resilience) and the value it has for their lives.  This typically happens in short 5 minute small groups, and throughout the lesson as the children are engaging in the curriculum in fun and interactive ways.

Supplies:  Students will need closed-toe sneakers and a water bottle.

Art by Abrakadoodle

The Abrakadoodle art experience engages children with art lessons that will inspire your child’s imagination. Our program is intended to be an art enrichment class where children will explore a variety of art mediums and techniques.  The students will utilize materials such as watercolors, paint, oil pastels, air dry clay and more to create their own unique artwork.  Our emphasis is learning through the process of art and having fun.  Students will create and bring home a new piece of artwork each week.

Supplies: Students will need to purchase the following supplies for their individual art kits before the start of class:

  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Colored Markers
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil box or large ziplock baggie to transport supplies
  • We also recommend fingerless gloves for cold days

3rd Hour Options – You Pick!

Once you have registered for the Base Package, you may opt to add on a 3rd Hour Elective.  These electives may vary by location and cost.  The links to register for the 3rd Hour classes will be emailed to you after your Base Package registration is processed.

Fall Semester Dates at Purcellville Baptist Church

Fall 2023 Semester will last 8 weeks and includes the following dates and times:

Wednesdays from 1:00 – 3:00 PM, beginning September 13 – November 1.   Make up dates for possible closures or cancellations include November 8 and 15.  Optional 3rd hour classes will take place from 3:00-4:00 PM.

Weather Plan at Purcellville Baptist Church

Classes at Purcellville Baptist Church now feature an indoor and outdoor hybrid plan!  All classes will be assigned an indoor space, and encouraged to take advantage of outdoor space whenever possible.  Classes at this location will no longer be cancelled for inclement weather, with the exception of Winter programming in hazardous driving conditions.  The art class is an exception, and will be held indoors year-round.

Additional information

Cancellation Policy

Open Air registration may be refunded in full up to 30 days before the Semester begins. Once within the 30 day window to class-start time, registration may only be refunded if a student from the waiting list is able to take the cancelled spot. All Open Air Electives registration fees are absolutely non-refundable after classes have begun.

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