Fall 2022 Musikgarten Class 

Musikgarten will be offering their Music Makers class as an elective at Open Air during the optional 3rd hour.  This class is open to students in Grades K-2 who are already enrolled in the Fall 2022 Base Package of the Open Air Electives program.  This class will be offered at all locations of Open Air.


Class Minimum: 6;  Class Maximum: 20.



Please select the Open Air location where you are currently registered for Fall 2022.
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Music Makers helps your child establish a solid music foundation – tuning his voice, developing his aural skills, promoting control of gross and fine motor movements – all in the context of a variety of natural habitats. By accompanying the children as they progress through the curriculum, your child will cultivate their musical skills as they experience an ever-increasing repertoire of songs, stories, and poetry. Your child’s music instruction will not only establish their foundation for music learning through singing and moving, but it will also expand his listening capabilities by introducing the sound of orchestral instruments, both in solo and in the context of an ensemble, build self-discipline and social skills through ensemble development, and promote independence and interdependence through dance – skills that impact all areas of academic learning.
Music Makers enhances many aspects of your child’s development:
• Learning to control impulses, listen, and follow directions.
• Sharing and taking turns.
• Experiencing the enjoyment of practicing.
• Using their imagination.
• Composing, improvising, and teamwork (ensemble).
• Participating in group music-making.
• Understanding music notation.

Supplies: Materials for Music Makers ($39.95) are optional but strongly encouraged. High-quality recordings will continue your child’s experience at home. Parents are encouraged to let the music play on, even after class!

Your Family Materials include:
  • Full-color nature posters or maps.
  • Exclusive Musikgarten recordings.
  • Notation games that you and your child can play together.
  • Fun-filled family activity books and song pages.

Additional information

Cancellation Policy

Open Air class registration is fully refundable up to 30 days before classes begin. Thereafter, class registration can only be refunded if a child from the waitlist takes the cancelled spot. Once classes have begun, registration is non-refundable.