Fall 2022 STEM Class 

Stemtree will be offering a hybrid Scratch Coding and Science class as an elective at Open Air during the optional 3rd hour.  This class is open to students who are already enrolled in the Fall 2022 Base Package of the Open Air Electives program.  This class will be offered at all locations of Open Air.

Please note:  This class will be best suited for 3rd-6th Grade for Fall 2022.  There will be early elementary STEM options for Spring 2023.

Class Minimum: 5;  Class Maximum: 12.



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For Fall 2022, Stemtree of Ashburn is bringing you a hybrid class (4 Wks Each) of Scratch Coding and Science!

Stemtree Science Program (4 Wks):

Our science program keeps students engaged through our customized science curriculum. It helps students develop scientific literacy. Our students learn the fundamental concepts behind scientific theories and apply them through hands on activities and experiments. Each student will take an initial assessment the first day of the program to gauge his or her level and create a customized learning program. He or she works through individualized lessons with the one-on-one guidance of an instructor and conduct hands-on activities.

Content Focus:  Each class is divided into two parts:

Individual Instruction (30 minutes):  Students work individually on our science curriculum and complete a vocabulary game. Concepts covered include: 

  • Scientific Investigation
  • Physical: Matter, Sounds, Magnets
  • Life: Life Processes and Living Systems

Hands on activities (30 minutes): Experiments are conducted in groups corresponding to the appropriate grade level.

Stemtree Scratch Coding with Fun (4 Weeks)

Today most children use computers and manipulate media, but few of them know how to create the media or software they are using. We teach students how to create and develop computer programs (games, stories, etc.) instead of playing them. Students will learn the computer programming concepts in a fun and interactive way. They will combine media elements to create and share their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art.

Students will learn basic reasoning and problem solving skills. They will have an opportunity to think creatively, communicate clearly, use technologies fluently, and collaborate effectively. They will also create their own computer programs to implement computer games and combine multiple topics.

  • Content Focus:
    • Use of computer, learn programming language, develop computer games and apply basic science
    • Students will be assessed in case they already have Scratch programming experience.
    • Students’ proficiency in technology are assessed during the first session. Based on the outcome of the assessment, we divide the students into groups of no more than 2 students.
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Cancellation Policy

Open Air class registration is fully refundable up to 30 days before classes begin. Thereafter, class registration can only be refunded if a child from the waitlist takes the cancelled spot. Once classes have begun, registration is non-refundable.