Open Air Electives 3rd Hour Options

FALL 2022 3rd Hour Options

After registering for your Base Package of Art, PE, and Fun Friday options, add an optional 3rd Hour Class by selecting one of the below for each student.  You may choose a different optional elective for each student, and you may choose a different class for Fall and Spring Semesters.


Drama Class by Drama Kids (K-6) – $155 per student – available at all locations
Drama Kids offers an exciting program for kids in Grades K-6. Our enriching and time-tested curriculum is designed not only to teach acting skills, but also to build student confidence, encourage teamwork, and bolster public speaking skills. Each week, our students will work on skills like projection, articulation, expression, improvisation, characterization, stage movement, and more. The kids perform in class each week, sometimes with scripts and sometimes in plays they write themselves. Our classes allow kids the freedom to be creative and expressive while developing a love for the stage!
Supplies: None
Music Makers Class by Musikgarten (K-2) – $125 per student – available at all locations
Music Makers helps your child establish a solid music foundation – tuning his voice, developing his aural skills, promoting control of gross and fine motor movements – all in the context of a variety of natural habitats. By accompanying the children as they progress through the curriculum, your child will cultivate their musical skills as they experience an ever-increasing repertoire of songs, stories, and poetry. Your child’s music instruction will not only establish their foundation for music learning through singing and moving, but it will also expand his listening capabilities by introducing the sound of orchestral instruments, both in solo and in the context of an ensemble, build self-discipline and social skills through ensemble development, and promote independence and interdependence through dance – skills that impact all areas of academic learning. Music Makers enhances many aspects of your child’s development:
• Learning to control impulses, listen, and follow directions.
• Sharing and taking turns.
• Experiencing the enjoyment of practicing.
• Using their imagination.
• Composing, improvising, and teamwork (ensemble).
• Participating in group music-making.
• Understanding music notation.

Supplies: Materials for Music Makers ($39.95) are optional but strongly encouraged. High-quality recordings will continue your child’s experience at home. Parents are encouraged to let the music play on, even after class!

Your Family Materials include:
  • Full-color nature posters or maps.
  • Exclusive Musikgarten recordings.
  • Notation games that you and your child can play together.
  • Fun-filled family activity books and song pages.
Music by The Catoctin School of Music (3rd-6th) – $125 per student – available at Claude Moore Park (Sterling) and Purcellville Baptist Church
Join The Catoctin School of Music Instructor T.J. Maistros for a musical exploration! Together we will investigate key elements of sharing music: pitch, harmony, rhythm and music appreciation. We’ll also be introduced to instruments from the string and percussion families with opportunities for hands on time! We’ll learn how music is both a team sport and a solo pursuit. If your student is wondering whether music is for them or which instrument they should pursue, this is a great opportunity to help them uncover that answer for themselves.
Supplies: Class supplies will be no more than $15, and will include the purchase of a bucket and drumsticks, and a personal recorder.

STEM Class by Stemtree – $185 per student – 3rd-6th Grade Class 

For Fall 2022, Stemtree of Ashburn is bringing you a hybrid class (4 Wks Each) of Scratch Coding and Science!

Stemtree Scratch Coding with Fun (4 Weeks)

Today most children use computers and manipulate media, but few of them know how to create the media or software they are using. We teach students how to create and develop computer programs (games, stories, etc.) instead of playing them. Students will learn the computer programming concepts in a fun and interactive way. They will combine media elements to create and share their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art.

Students will learn basic reasoning and problem solving skills. They will have an opportunity to think creatively, communicate clearly, use technologies fluently, and collaborate effectively. They will also create their own computer programs to implement computer games and combine multiple topics.

  • Content Focus:
    • Use of computer, learn programming language, develop computer games and apply basic science
    • Students will be assessed in case they already have Scratch programming experience.
    • Students’ proficiency in technology are assessed during the first session. Based on the outcome of the assessment, we divide the students into groups of no more than 2 students.

Stemtree Science (4 Wks)

Our science program keeps students engaged through our customized science curriculum. It helps students develop scientific literacy. Our students learn the fundamental concepts behind scientific theories and apply them through hands on activities and experiments. Each student will take an initial assessment the first day of the program to gauge his or her level and create a customized learning program. He or she works through individualized lessons with the one-on-one guidance of an instructor and conduct hands-on activities.

Content Focus:  Each class is divided into two parts:

Individual Instruction (30 minutes):  Students work individually on our science curriculum and complete a vocabulary game. Concepts covered include: 

  • Scientific Investigation
  • Physical: Matter, Sounds, Magnets
  • Life: Life Processes and Living Systems

Hands on activities (30 minutes): Experiments are conducted in groups corresponding to the appropriate grade level.

Supplies: None
Nature Study by Claude Moore Park Naturalists (K-6) – $60 per student – available ONLY at Claude Moore Park
A Naturalist Instructor will lead the group on exploration hikes throughout various areas of Claude Moore Park.  Different themes will be highlighted each week.  Some examples of theme possibilities are; Bird migration, pond life, animal homes, insects, decomposition, and much more.  Participants will have the opportunity to visit with live animals and interact with many different natural items depending on the weekly theme.  Activities will take place entirely outside. Please note: Each child’s parent or guardian must sign up to accompany the group on their hike for 1 of the 8 weeks.
Supplies: None