school programs


We partner with public school PTAs, PTOs, daycare facilities, and other organizations in order to offer socially and physically enriching athletic programs for youth of all ages.  All programs are designed for kids to experience maximum participation, skill development, and super FUN game play!  Coaches will make a point to separate, whenever possible, older and younger children into two groups during class.  This will help group children into similar ability levels, which will enable their skills to develop better, and coaches to work more effectively with them.

All classes will have a focused character lesson (about 5 minutes). A coach will gather kids together and read a character trait definition and lead a short discussion. Character traits that could be discussed are perseverance, integrity, courage, respect, responsibility, kindness, patience, contentment, humility, gratitude, and joy.

Below are all the classes we offer.  Length and time of classes are flexible upon discussion.

Ultimate PE Games - After School Class_
Do you want to play in the MOST FUN games kids experience in PE class?  If yes, this session is for you! A sampling of games to be played are Nerf Dodge Ball, Dome Ball, Capture the Flag, parachute activities, Omni – kin Ball, and numerous tag games that require strategy and a willingness to have intense joy! The action-packed session ensures kid movement does not stop until it is time to go home!  Kids quickly and often move from one exciting game to the next! Great exercise is guaranteed as kids play in these classic and modern PE games!

Train like the superstars of the world in this action packed session!  Participants will experience all kinds of exciting soccer activities, including a World Cup style tournament! All participants, regardless of skill level, will learn and practice basic dribbling, ball control, passing, trapping, defense, and proper offensive movement without the ball.  Soccer requires a lot of endurance, so be prepared to work hard all while having a ton of FUN!!

Kid Favorite Sports - After School Class

Come enjoy the most popular kid sports!  Participants will play basketball, soccer, and flag football!  Kids will practice basic drills for all three sports.  But much of this session will be devoted to kids playing in fun and competitive games.  So, kids will enjoy the NBA playoffs, NFL playoffs, and the World Cup all in ONE session!!

Dynamite Nerf Dodgeball - After School Class

Experience the exciting thrill of playing different kinds of Nerf Dodge-ball games! Kids will enjoy the Classic game, Army Dodgeball, Medic, Pin Dodgeball, Four Quadrants, Gauntlet, Pokémon, and more! Coaches will ensure all kids will have a safe and enjoyable experience. The dodgeballs used in this class are very soft. There are many benefits to playing dodgeball: throwing and catching while moving, dodging, communication, integrity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and tons of FUN!

Design Your Own Class - After School Class

Can’t decide which session is best?  Customize it and make your own class!! You decide exactly what you want from ANY or ALL of the other sessions. Since there are so many activities and sports to choose from in our other sessions, ask us for help in deciding exactly the right class for you and your group! We’ll be glad to brainstorm with you and even help pick the best name for your customized class!!

Basketball Blitz - After School Class2

Feel the rush of the most exciting basketball activities and game play! Participants will not only have tons of fun, but develop the basic skills needed to excel in 5 vs 5 competitive basketball games. Participants will work on all kinds of dribbling skills, passing, shooting, defense, and practicing proper offensive movement without the ball. All kids, regardless of skill level, will be challenged to improve their basketball abilities, and enjoy an NBA style playoff tournament!!


Any season is football season in America! Participants will work on the overhand throw, catching, and play in thrilling games! To prepare for games, participants will practice basic offensive routes and defensive coverages. Early elementary kids will enjoy fun lead up games like scarf tag! The plan is for participants to experience a NFL playoff style tournament with a Super Bowl!!


Game, set, match!!  There are several sports that require the use of a racquet or paddle.  These sports are popular all around the world!  It only takes proficiency in one type of racquet or paddle in order to effectively use any other!  The skills are easily transferable from one implement to the next.  This session focuses kids on learning and practicing the most basic racquet/paddle strikes with control: forearm, backhand, serve, and volleying.  Once these basic skills can be continually achieved with a short-handled paddle, then the real FUN begins!!  Kids can expect a lot of fun striking with a partner, and play in competitive games like Pickle Ball and a Grand Slam tennis tournament!



Come enjoy playing in real baseball games and experience the thrill of a home run derby! Baseball is America’s oldest sport and is still one of the most popular in the country. Kids will enjoy learning the basics of how to play this classic game. They will play with wiffle ball-like bats and wiffle-like balls. Kids will learn proper throwing, catching, infield play, outfield play, pitching, hitting, and base-running. Every position will be taught and practiced. Kids are sure to enjoy playing our national pastime by playing in a World Series championship tournament!


Prepare yourself for the thrilling and fast-flying action of Floor-Hockey Flyers!  Participants will learn the fundamentals of floor hockey, practice extensive drills, and work on their skills through  super fun drills and even a Stanley Cup tournament!  This class is a lot of action and designed for not only the experienced hockey player – but also the the beginner.