Homeschool P.E. Program

Our school-year health and physical education program is written with the homeschool family in mind, and meets the needs of parents looking for a robust and comprehensive P.E. curriculum for their children.  Our program is designed to teach students the skills and principles necessary for athletic competition at the secondary school level.  


These skills and concepts are useful to every child for living a vibrant, physically active lifestyle. People at any age can and should understand the benefits of consistent physical activity. Learning these skills and concepts at an early age sets kids up for physical and fitness success for the rest of their lives!

Any good health and physical education program must be FUN and inclusive of ALL of its participants, both the self-perceived athletes and non-athletes. Too often grown-ups have had childhood experiences with P.E. that undermine their athletic potential and intimidate them away from the benefits of physical activities.

It is our commitment to offer a safe and non-threating atmosphere for every participant.

That being said, a good P.E. program must effectively motivate and challenge every participant to achieve better results. Higher results will look different from student to student. It is our commitment that every student in the program receives adequate personal instruction, feedback, and inspiration. 

We are committed to cultivating a strong desire in every participant to achieve higher.

P.E. instruction has the benefit of naturally lending itself toward the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learner. Students will learn skills specific to their own age and ability with peer participants. This dynamic instruction ensures all learning styles and skill levels are met for every student. When necessary, the teacher will form advanced or beginner groups to make certain the potential of every student is maximized. Activities will be modified as needed to guarantee skill development for every learner. This is standard teaching. 

Every employee will be trained on best practices. After all, you need good teaching to achieve successful learning and understanding. We are committed to just that!

Our P.E. program offers a safe social environment for every student. Socialization is a key factor in many of the experiences students will have. Team-building work, strategic analysis in game play, leadership, emotional stability, and relational skills are all developed. Of course, all of these skills transcend P.E., and are emphasized in the character development training that lies at the heart of everything we do! 

It is our passion and joy to strive for excellence in everything we do, and to pass on that passion and joy to your kids!

We Come To You!

We offer an extensive 9 month Health and P.E. curriculum, corresponding to the length of most public school year calendars.


The curriculum is set up into units of 6 classes.  Any homeschool community or co-op can book a unit of classes with us, which will include a variety of P.E. activities and sports planned specifically for your children’s ages.  


Every week, we’ll come to your community location with a trained coach, a great P.E. lesson with character education built in, age-appropriate sports equipment, and full insurance.

How It Works

Minimum Requirements

You must have at least 8 students and a place to play. The rates below are only applicable to locations where additional rental fees are not required.

Online Registration
Once your community has agreed to book classes, each family must register online with us.  We must have an active registration for every participating child.

A Place to Play
We’re up for just about anything, as long as it’s SAFE.  Gym rentals are ideal, but we’ll meet in coned-off parking lots, backyards, cafeterias, etc.  A back-up indoor location is strongly advised.


Homeschool communities can offer parents 3 options for registering their children:

Individual Unit
One-time payment (6 classes)

 Fall or Spring (12 classes)

School Year*
September – May
 (24 classes)

Interested in P.E. classes but not sure if they will be a good fit for your community or co-op? Ask about a FREE Trial Class! Email to schedule a date and time that works for your families.

*Parents may opt to pay in full or pay-as-you-go, with automatic monthly payments.

Cancellation & Make-Up Class Policy

Cancellation Policy

Parents may receive a 100% refund of registration costs for each unit up to 1 month (or 30 days) before that unit of classes begin. Please be sure to complete a dated class withdrawal form in writing to receive a full refund. If less than 1 month (or 30 days) remain before a unit begins, or if a student withdraws in the middle of a unit, we are unable to offer a refund for that unit.

Make-Up Classes

We regret that we are unable to offer make-up classes at this time. There is no reimbursement of registration fees for missed classes. Individual class registration fees will be reimbursed only in the event of an unforeseen weather closure or class cancellation by instructor.

Now Booking - Winter and Spring Classes!