Fall 2024 Drama Class 

Drama Kids will be offering a Drama class as an elective at Open Air’s Purcellville and Sterling locations as an Add-On Option.  This class is open to students in Grades K-6 who are already enrolled in the Fall 2024 Base Package of the Open Air Electives program.

At Claude Moore Park, this class will take place after Base Package on Mondays from 11 AM – 12 PM.

At Purcellville Baptist Church, this class will take place before Base Package on Wednesdays from 12 PM – 1 PM.

Class Minimum: 8;  Class Maximum: 25.



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Drama Kids offers an exciting program for kids in Grades K-6. Our enriching and time-tested curriculum is designed not only to teach acting skills, but also to build student confidence, encourage teamwork, and bolster public speaking skills. Each week, our students will work on skills like projection, articulation, expression, improvisation, characterization, stage movement, and more. The kids perform in class each week, sometimes with scripts and sometimes in plays they write themselves. Our classes allow kids the freedom to be creative and expressive while developing a love for the stage!
In each class, students will work on a variety of skills. We begin with an ensemble-building activity, then we move into our speech component where we hone our projection, articulation, and expression skills. After that, we do a stage movement exercise. Then, our main lesson each day is a performance activity. Sometimes the kids are given short scripts to perform; other times they write their own skits. Sometimes they work in small groups, and sometimes the whole class performs together. It’s fun and new every week! And we always end with a theatre game designed to build a particular skill (i.e. maintaining eye contact, working as a team, building stage confidence, etc.).

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Cancellation Policy

Open Air class registration is fully refundable up to 30 days before classes begin. Thereafter, class registration can only be refunded if a child from the waitlist takes the cancelled spot. Once classes have begun, registration is non-refundable.

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