What's our mission at GamePoint Athletics?(and how we chose our company name)

The “game point” refers to the time in many competitive activities when the team that scores the next point wins. It is known to be the most important part of the game. Winning or losing depends upon the performance of the players during this critical time. It is the moment of the game where you want to perform at your very best. The pressure is on!

At GamePoint Athletics, we believe “game point” moments are not limited to athletic competitions. There are moments in life when the pressure is on to display high character or conform to a lower standard. How you live your life off the court and field is what really matters. That is why our mission is two-fold:

Top-notch athletic instruction and training.

We provide a variety of safe, FUN, challenging, and exciting physical activities for youth of all ages. Physical fitness, skill development, healthy competition, cooperation, socialization, and having tons of fun are wonderful benefits of our athletic programs!

Character-building as a basis for learning.

Athletics offer a rich training ground for youth to develop a higher standard for strength of character. This includes how to face personal challenges, how to treat others well, and how to rise to the occasion when other people need you the most. This character training will enable kids to achieve more for themselves and other people throughout their entire lives. But the mind-set can be learned and practiced at the earliest age.


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